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I'm new to this

19-01-2005, 15:43
i'm new and i would like to know afew things

how do people join your country?

how do you wage war against other countries?

what is the whole purpose of this?

thanks for the help
19-01-2005, 19:36
Welcome to Nationstates.

1) Your population goes up by a set amount daily; if you just started, your population should be at 5mil and will go up about 1 million each day. When you get larger, the increment increases (2 million, 3 million, etc.)

2) "War" is waged through one of two ways: Roleplay in the forums (The key to this is being reasonable with your military strength and size) or regional invasions (where a bunch of UN nations join a region with the goal of seizing the UN delegate position.

3) To have fun, to gain power, to go to war, to laugh at all the other folk on here. 'S up to you.

And always remember to read the FAQ on the site and the stickies in the forums.

20-01-2005, 05:28
could you possibly elaborate on the whole war thing, i don't quite understand
20-01-2005, 06:50
okay, how about this as an example -

I just launched(example, not really) a fleet of 600 ships at you. You respond by putting up shields adn activating your own defenses. Then after the fight, you tell me the losses and we accept at whoever's victory. all this is done in type

try this, using mock nations

okay, i just launched 600 ships at you. See specks here (mocksite)

Okay, i activiate my defenses and mobilize my own fleet
We launch a small cloaked bomber raid and then follow up with a large attack of our main fleet - we will retreat at 50% losses
Okay, after a long fight, we count our losses. 26 ships and 1 defense station lost to the cloaked. But when your ships arrived they hit a minefield and took a loss of 40 ships, but almost no ships took no damage. After that, we managed to beat you, and lost a total of 6 stations and 189ships. You lost a total of 400 ships, then retreated
ah man, i lost :( oh well, i hope i have better luck next time! :)

good enough for you, i took 7 minutes to type that up :P okay, i hope that really helped!
Liverpool England
20-01-2005, 09:23
War can be roleplayed. As in, you can use words to describe your nation's efforts, and losses. OR, Gameplay-wise, you may take part with region-invading, where you and other UN nations (one UN nation per computer and/or IP address) go into a region and endorse someone for the delegacy. Note that if/when passwording the region, you have to give the password out to all natives.