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Need Help, Please Reply

27-11-2004, 16:40
Okay. I am the UN Delegate of my region and I was making a website for my region, Tropical Eden. Only there;s a problem. In my website, I have something like, "...please let it be known at the tropical eden regional page." The tropical eden part is a link, right? It's supposed to show Tropical Eden to any one person, logged in or not. However, the link made it show up to the nationstates home instead. Like, if you go to (not logged in) and click the world and then go to the tropical eden page, the web address stays the same throughout that whole process, so when you click the link from my website it directs you to the main page. I know this sounds confusing, it's very hard to explain. Please reply to this, I need all the help i can get.
27-11-2004, 16:45

Use that as the link.