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Quick question about issues

27-11-2004, 15:28
Now I'm not sure if it's meant to be like this or if it's a bug, but I thought it was worth mentioning in case it is actually a bug.

Issues are meant to be generated overnight, every night, right? (Or wrong?)
When I switched my computer on this morning, I noticed a lack of issues. I didn't have one to address today. I asked the wonderful members of Ansem Report if they had an issue and I got a reply saying they had from one of the members.

Now if I'm wrong about issues generating over night every night then fair enough, punish me for posting a useless message if need be. But if I'm not wrong, why didn't I get an issue this morning?
27-11-2004, 15:38
Issues are generated each update. there are two issue updates each day, so if your settings are 2 issues each day, you'll get a new issue each update.

Since daily update are kinda randomized, you might have to wait a bit longer, sometimes.
Right thinking whites
27-11-2004, 15:39
you may be set to weekday only issues try to change your issues per day setting most of us use 2 per day
27-11-2004, 15:42
Oh, I didn't realise there were settings that could be changed.
Thanks for the replies.