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Fansite rulings?

25-11-2004, 17:57
Well, I think this is the right place for this thread...

What is the official ruling on fansites? Are they allowed? Are there any terms and conditions that need to be followed? I am trying to make a fansite, but I don't want to be breaking any copyright laws...
Neo England
25-11-2004, 18:19
Fansites are allowed, as it's not on the Jolt server and whatnot, no-one can stop you, though a disclaimer stating that the site is not endorsed by is advisable.

(Check out Goobergunchia's NS Wiki ( as a prime example)
Tuesday Heights
26-11-2004, 00:02
You might also want to note that it isn't a real site, but a fansite, as well... some of us have received some mighty interesting e-mails from those who actually through a nation/region exists. ;)
26-11-2004, 03:31
Thanks for the advice. Now... time to HTMLzie... or something catchy like that.