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How do we get a UN delegate.

The disillusioned many
24-11-2004, 18:54
i may seem misguided and naive to ask this but, how the hell do we elect a UN delegate, my region is quite new and has very :headbang: few members, but if you'd like to tell me i'd be very greatful.
ta very much
The disillusioned many
24-11-2004, 18:55
So Misguided And Naive That I Forgot To Use A '?'
Right thinking whites
24-11-2004, 19:05
well for one you can edit you posts

also basicly in the region the wants a del you need atleast 2 un nations
then you need to have one nation endorese the other by viewing its page and clicking the link neer the bottom that says somthing doing with endorsment
The disillusioned many
30-11-2004, 15:33
ahhhhhhh thankyou very much

i did realise after that i could edit my post, but i thought it would look better if i had at least one reply on there,
Neo England
30-11-2004, 15:41
Read the FAQ (

If offers much help about the site and how it works.

In this case, the answer from the FAQ would be;

How can I become a Regional Delegate?
Gain the support of other nations in your region. This is obtained via endorsements: once per day, the nation with the most endorsements in each region is appointed Regional Delegate.

You need at least 1 endorsement to become a Delegate.