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Issues not Updating

24-11-2004, 17:50
I think I've seen this before, and it's probably fixed by the usual method, but I'll check anyway.

When answering issues, I will click on an option, it will turn bold, as usual, but when I click on the issues link to answer more, it says "Unaddressed". I click on that same issue, and the chosen option is not highlighted.

Is this just a glitch, fixed by the usual move-in-move-out, or is it an actual problem? Please only respond if you are absoultely positive. Thanks.
24-11-2004, 18:27
There is no absolutely positive answer to this question, given what you report.

The most likely cause is your computer's browser cache. The issues are in fact updating, but your browser is storing the older versions of the page. Try hitting Refresh (or F5 on windows machines). You might also want to clear your Temporary files more often, or change your browser cache settings.
Right thinking whites
24-11-2004, 18:28
i had this happen about a month ago and all it took was waiting to recieve another issue later that day, then i answerd the new issue and tryed to answer the old one and the answer then took
25-11-2004, 01:45
I reported the above problem at my school - when I got home, all of the issues I had finished had been updated. This would confirm your thought about the caching, Fris. Thanks.