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How do you eject a nation from your region?

Das Gnadenlose
23-11-2004, 02:35
some of my friends have recently been ejected from their regions and now I am the regional delegate and am wondering how I go about ejecting nations?
West Donovania
23-11-2004, 03:15
This is the wrong forum. You want to go back to the Nation States forum to ask about that.
23-11-2004, 04:35
First, you need to be the Founder or Delegate of your region. If you're the Delegate AND there is a live Founder present, then the Founder has to allow you access to Regional Control.

View the page for your region. There should be a link that says "Enter Regional Control". Click on it. From the Regional Control page, you can eject nations from the region.

You are Delegate of the region "The core of the Earth". You may not mass-eject natives from the region*; you are not the Founder.

*This goes for both Internally-Elected Delegates and Invader Delegates. However the ejection tolerance for Internally-Elected Delegates tends to be higher than for Invader Delegates. Still, don't eject a majority of the nations there.

This is a NationStates-related question. Hence, iMove "Londinivm" > "Game Help" "NationStates" > "Technical".

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