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22-11-2004, 23:40
Ok, i looked for another place to put this, but it didn't seem like it belonged anywhere else. I've set my nation to receive 2 new issues every day, and I'm only getting 1 a day. What's going on?
22-11-2004, 23:53
Follow the following steps. They should check to confirm that you have not accidentally left it on 1 per day, and then get it working if you did not.

Be sure that you are getting one per day. They come at different times - one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. (at least, it works that way on the East Coast of the US).
If you are indeed getting 1 per day, check the "Issues Per Day" box in settings.
Click "Update Settings", even if nothing was changed.
Wait a day. Repeat step 1.
If still not working, move out of, then immediately back into, your region. You will not lose UN status.
Wait a day. Repeat step 1.
If still not working, talk to the admin.
23-11-2004, 00:18
I have made sure it's on 2 per day. it's on when i go to settings, and it used to give me 2 per day right when I logged in. I guess it's not THAT important, I can deal with it, so if it's not to much trouble we can delete this thread if you want.