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16-11-2004, 04:02
Why don't I get new issues everyday when in the settings I put two per day?
16-11-2004, 10:11
Could be a bug... Make sure it does say you are supposed to recieve issues. Also how long has it been since you haven't received an issue. Wait at least 24-48 hours, then if you recive none.. you know something is up. Also I would suggest (a common fix I see), moving out of, and then back into your region.
16-11-2004, 14:56
For some reason, Kwaswhakistan's quick fix generally works. Just pop out, and right back in again. You will not lose any UN endorsements you may have, and will remain as delegate should you be one.

But before you do that, check first in settings:

Is vacation mode turned on? (No issues will arrive or update)
Is it set to two per day?

Even if all of that is correct, click the "Update" button anyway. It may tell the server to wake up and start working for once.