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Meteor Impact Victims
16-11-2004, 02:28
Although I am completely and totally new to the forums, and only a two-month old nation, having never played before, I think I have a reasonable enough grasp on the game to suggest a feature.

Anyway, enough introduction. My request here is that nations be allowed to become "Subjects" of the UN. These nations would be subject to UN resolutions, but would be unable to endorse nations, vote on UN resolutions, or recieve endorsements. However, because they have no power in the UN, multi-ing them would be able to be legal (one nation per person with power, as many as you want subject to the rules).

My reason for this idea is because I have a nation that is, in-character, a (reasonably independant, completely libertarian, rather than socialist) province of this one. However, despite that it is, in-character, part of a UN member nation, it is not subject to UN resolutions, because the only way that can happen is if it were a UN member nation mechanically, which is illegal multi-ing.

*waits for this suggestion to be shot full of holes*
16-11-2004, 02:36
The only thing that would happen to such a nation is that they would take a stats hit from every passed resolution without having a voice to complain. You can RP being the UN's bitch if you want, without getting slammed by the Compliance Ministry.

I'm totally failing to see any benefit from this suggestion apart from confusing people. You can't help on invasions, you can't vote, you can't endorse ... why would you want this again?
16-11-2004, 03:51
Umm... yeah. This is, quite frankly, pointless. Your nation can pass laws in accordance with the UN's recent resolutions all you want, without the sometimes harmful side effects to your stats.

I would probably die of a heart attack if Sal said he would do this.
16-11-2004, 10:12
this is uh.. slightly realistic one might say, but has no real use here in the game.