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Expansion to searches

Huzen Hagen
15-11-2004, 17:19
There is one problem that i have noticed with the search feature, you cant search for nations with short names posts on the forums. For example if i wanted to search for posts that included hlf or idf i can do anything. its damn anoying having to trawl through needles pages of forum when you could just use search and it would be done quickly
15-11-2004, 19:43
You kinda lost me.

However, I did get the point that you were annoyed with Jolt's search system - which the NS Mods, or even Admin, can't do anything about. You need to bring this up with Jolt Admin.
Tuesday Heights
15-11-2004, 21:23
I can search for "Tuesday Heights" and find threads I've been mentioned in perfectly fine if I do a key word search.
15-11-2004, 21:35
Use the search button at the top of the screen (right beneath the NS logo). Then, make sure that "Exact Name" is selected.