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Question for UN "staff"

12-11-2004, 09:49
After moving to its current region, Wyattland applied to the UN. I received an email that it was accepted, however, on the site, it says that I'm not a member. What is the current situation with that? Thanks.
12-11-2004, 10:35

Okay, check this :

If you got an email, make sure you clicked the verification link. I think there is one, been a while since I had to deal with that ...

Failing that possibility, it may be the site has not yet updated right. So wait a day and check your nation page again to see if the U.N. badge is there or not, also look on the U.N. page and see if you can vote, etc.

Failing that ... try to bring this up on tech forum ? Yeah, maybe try to bring this problem up on the tech forum. Some one such as SalusaSecundus should be able to help you, ;)

And, welcome to the U.N. , I hope ! :)