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Uble Leute
09-11-2004, 19:30
How does a nation get rejected and how does another naiton get the power to reject someone from a region.
Texan Hotrodders
09-11-2004, 19:35
I believe you're referring to ejection. The Founder of a region and a sometimes a Regional U.N. Delegate has the power to eject nations from a region.

Also, this is in the wrong forum. Maybe the Gameplay forum would be a more appropriate place to ask this question.
09-11-2004, 22:51
Meh, not really in the wrong forum. Probably won't be around much longer anyway.

When a nation is ejected from a region by one of the two powers stated above, they are placed on a "Ban List", and may not re-enter the region until one of those same two clears their name from it. Also, mass ejections by a Delegate constitute Griefing, and is an deletable offense. Founders may eject until there is no-one left to eject, however.