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hit me with some graphics

08-11-2004, 17:36
I think Nationstates as managed to do a great work with everything sorrounding gameplay, interaction and fun. But there's one thing still requiring some improvements: graphics!!! a decent webpage design!!!

I'm not saying one of those flashy websites, I'm talking of something simples, pleasing to the eye, that everyone can enjoy. Just take it into consideration...

There's also a lot of room for improvements concerning new features, including budget management and incidents within the country (not the regular issues) like riots, plagues and so on...
08-11-2004, 20:02
Any changes (like you suggested) if they happen, will most likely be in NS2. Images take time to create, and also end up eating up a lot of bandwidth.
Tuesday Heights
08-11-2004, 20:51
Keeping the NS web site at the bare minimum allows for a better economy of bandwidth usage... considering how slow the web site was before the Jolt move, you'd be happy to know it's not an issue any longer, but most of us thoroughly enjoy the simple design.
08-11-2004, 22:14
yes..... remember the forums

Anyways, I would suggest that if you want images and stuff, that you might get into an RP region, and start making some images or finding ones you want to use... RP can be fun I hear.
09-11-2004, 02:41
I see the point, believe me. I had to manage those problems when I used to create some amateur style websites. Maybe I just miss a good fancy website. Anyway, it was just a thought... glad to share it!!
09-11-2004, 14:35
Also, this is technically the new graphics, ;)

And considering the inter-face we have now, you can't add too much more with-out point-less clutter any-way ...

* ( Ewww, senior high Info-Process-Tech web ergonomics flash back, :p )