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Founding your own region

Neo North Korea
06-11-2004, 23:48
:headbang: Hi, i, being new to this online game service, have heard about founders of regions, and the powers that they can access. I was wondering, if it was possible for a participant in this game to found their own small region for themselves and possibly a small group of friends, as their own parallel but not nearly as powerful or sophisticated as the UN. I would be interested in doing such for a group of friends recently participating in this gameplay, and if anyone had any information about this topic, it would be well appreciated. thank you for your time.

06-11-2004, 23:59
The UN is separate from regions.

To found your own region, go to your current region's page. (yours ( There should be a line that says:
Tired of life in _____________? Then move to a new region (!
Click that link and the option at the top says: [Create a New Region]

Click that and type in the name you want. Your nation will be moved there and put in place as founder. (as long as it's not already in existance)