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'Martial Arts Room' region - bug?

Knights of Zion
04-11-2004, 19:06
I was crusing through the site checking out regions, and I find 'Martial Arts Room' which lists three nations in its UN ranking list; says it's a desolate wasteland; I clicked to 'List all nations' ... and there's like, 7200 nations listed! How does that make any sense? They couldn't have all been kicked out today, and even if they were the list should still be empty, shouldn't it?
Marines 911
04-11-2004, 19:16
I think it should of been empty.
But maybe I'm wrong.
04-11-2004, 19:34
It's not 7200 nations, it's 7733 pages of nations ... which happens to be the same number of pages in the List all nations ( view. I think you've stumbled across a bug where an empty region defaults to the 'show all' view.