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Could I ask a question?

03-11-2004, 17:18
A day or two ago upon joining this site I gave the inhabitants of the nation of Kailel a choice in whether they wanted to vote or not. However I have just been to my nations page to see if there were any changes in it's description and have found that it displays the words "voting is compulsary". This has only appeared within the last twelve hours or so and I joined the UN a day or two before this appeared.

My question, then is this: Have any laws been passed in the UN, especially recently, that make voting compulsary?
03-11-2004, 17:27
This has nothing to do with the UN. In fact, nothing in your nation description is affected by the UN. All of that text is generated based on your issue choices, all of which is discussed at length in the Issues Forum (
03-11-2004, 21:33
The only things UN resolutions affect are:

Budgeting of Government funds
The three main ratings (Political Freedoms/Civil Rights/Economy)
04-11-2004, 00:07
That is what I had thought... but I know that I clicked on the right option as it remarked on it when I did so.