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What's with the little descriptor under my name?

Dobbs Town
01-11-2004, 21:11
There used to be nothing under my name. I noticed the other night that I was considered (by who?) to be 'sometimes deadly'. Now it says that I'm 'quite deadly'.

What's it mean?
01-11-2004, 21:18
Just refers to the number of posts you have made - It's called a member title. They tend to get really stupid when you get a lot of posts.

The full list can be found here. (
01-11-2004, 21:25
:( I'm not even a junior member yet...
01-11-2004, 21:27
You might have to have at least 5 posts before you get one - my list may be slightly incorrect up top.
Dobbs Town
01-11-2004, 21:28
Ahh, thanks. That puts my mind at rest. I thought I was turning evil or something...and didn't even know it!
03-11-2004, 19:09
Damn... I have three to go before I officially have no life.

And I thought the old Postmaster-General status was stupid...
03-11-2004, 21:22
Oh, just wait... they get worse...

It's been asked before, I know, but are we ever getting these old ones back, or would that invlove the whole of Jolt's forums?
03-11-2004, 23:45
I think, if I remember correctly, getting the old title back on for the forums is on the list of stuff to do, but very low down on the list, as it's not really critical that we have those old titles.
03-11-2004, 23:57
I agree. Ok, thanks.