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Finding other nations...

31-10-2004, 13:42
I am having troubles finding nations to telegram them. Is there some way to search NationStates for a particular nation/region in order to discuss purchasing, trade relations, embassies and the like? Trying to search through 'all nations' is an exercise in futility.
United White Front
31-10-2004, 13:45
not realy
for tread ect use the game play forum
if you know a nations name you can type in a search on the world page
Hammer Girl
31-10-2004, 13:46
When you are in the game there is a The World ( link on the left-side of your screen. Click there, and you'll find a search function on the bottom, for regios and nations.
31-10-2004, 14:03
Thanks for the help!
31-10-2004, 15:48
The online search fnction only works if you know the nation's name in it's entirity, however - it does not give a list of possible results like Google or whatever does. Be sure to check your spelling when you use it.