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what do you call that...

United White Front
30-10-2004, 00:53
... little phrase under your name in a post that changes with the number of posts you make
Pope Hope
30-10-2004, 01:19
Member Titles/Ranks

That's what it's called on Invision forums, anyway.
30-10-2004, 03:57
Somewhere they've posted a huge list of what they all are, and what you need to get them... please wait while I find it...

Edit: Found it!!!!

0=Just Joined Jolt
15=Junior Member
400=Sometimes Deadly
450=Quite Deadly
700=Superior Gamer
900=Gaming Master
1100=zx81 haxoror
1200=Cyber sheep merchant
1300=Cyber fruit merchant
1750=Forum boredom
2000=Semi Advanced Spammer
2250=Miss Pacman Lover
2500=Galaxian warrior
2750=Joltbot Shoeshinner
3000=Adminbots Boyfriend
3250=Cabbage Patch Girly
3500=Ph33rs0m3 Sp@mm3r
3750=Sp@mQueen Advisor
5000=SemiPro SpamPig
6000=Possible SOF Spammer
7000=Muppet Owner
8000=Uber SpamGirl
9000=Elite Jolt Forum User
10,000=Honorary spam Forum Owner

Don't ask me what they were smoking when they came up with the names... there has been much speculation, but no definite answer. I, personally, am quite happy with "Member."