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Suggestion: Allow proposer to withdraw proposal

28-10-2004, 23:06
While fairly new here, I am amazed at the number of proposals that don't work on a mechanical level: full of typos, multiple copies of a proposal, no sense of clearly stating what it is they want (instead stating why they want something and hoping the reader interpretes what they desire). I am hoping these posters at some pont regret posting the proposal. Could we offer them a way to withdraw their proposal? It would "clean" up the proposals DB (I mean 20 pages is a bit daunting at times).

I really wonder if the low quality of writing is due to authors modeling their proposal on the slapdash they see in the proposals section rather than looking over the resolutions that have been accepted.

Just my two hundreths of a UNit.
United White Front
28-10-2004, 23:19
well i'm not sure but i think if you ask a mod to remove a proposal you wrote they will