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Seperate repeals section

Grand Teton
28-10-2004, 18:47
I have recently trawled through the proposals pages, and many of the proposals are repeals. I don't have too big a problem with this; however, the number of pages is getting ridiculous, and more and more people will not have the time to go through every page, meaning the few good proposals/repeals will get missed.

What I am sugesting is a 'List Repeals' page in the same sense as the 'List Proposals' section. Is this at all possible?
28-10-2004, 22:23
that sounds like a good idea... but i dont know if it would actually happen
Grand Teton
29-10-2004, 17:42
To be honest, I can't see any reason why not. It can't be any harder than putting in the repeals option. (this is coming from someone who knows nothing about web design!) Perhaps a Mod could comment?
Grand Teton
04-11-2004, 17:58
Humph. bang goes that idea.
04-11-2004, 21:03
It wouldn't be such a bad idea... It would definitely make it easier for the mods to filter through the duplicate proposals and repeals, seeing as they would each be in a much shorter list. I believe at one point a few weeks ago, we had about three proposals, on the first page alone, about Repealing Axis of Evil. There were about 5 more scattered throughout.
Grand Teton
06-11-2004, 23:03
Don't get me started on repeals. Effectively none of them are well written.

Come to think of it, I could say the same about proposals.
07-11-2004, 16:43
It is rare to see a "well-written" proposal, as they are usually written by the UN enthusiasts who have been here a while and know what a good one looks like - But you occasionally get a spark of brilliance from elsewhere.

Anyway, back on topic...
Grand Teton
09-11-2004, 16:34
Maybe a poll will get more people interested?

The proposals pages is not too bad today, only 11 pages. Maybe this is because Axis of Evil got repealed
09-11-2004, 17:36
Not happening.