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psychotic dictatorship? me? sure i tell people what to do a lot...

28-10-2004, 18:26
but for cripes sake i have compulsory voting! im not a dictator, and though i am very bossy with making people do stuff... i hardly think im psychotic...
United White Front
28-10-2004, 22:54
un catagorys take a number of things into acount
29-10-2004, 23:39
maybe... but i aint a dictator... so theres a problem... (sure ill never get voted out..
United White Front
29-10-2004, 23:41
well like i said other things affect that hows your econmy and stuf like that
30-10-2004, 00:37
A psychotic dictatorship is the UN category for a tightly regulated nation, one that has an authoritarian approach in the personal, political and economic spheres. If you have outlawed just about everything you'll end up with this category.
Yevon of Spira
31-10-2004, 03:19
Yes, you could have a bunch of things that are allowed, but if the things that aren't allowed severly outweigh the things that are allowed, you may end up with this UN category. I hope this helps.