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Suggestion: Alternative to the UN

27-10-2004, 23:44
Since the UN's resolutions are binding, and players who do not want to be bound are advised to not join the UN, I would like to propose an alternative organization. Call it Divided Nations. The purpose is to sponsor voluntary treaties between nations, which any nation can choose to abide by or not. The process for starting a treaty would be similar to the process for declaring a UN proposal, except that any nation could propose a treaty and only one other nation would have to agree for the treaty to come into being. Real life examples would include free trade agreements like NAFTA, and disarmament agreements like SALT and START. These are agreements which any member country can decide to quit at any time, without affecting other treaties.

<p>I joined this game relatively recently, so I apologize if there are gaping flaws to this idea, or if it has been discussed already some time ago. Would anyone be interested in such an organization?
28-10-2004, 00:08
Feel free to do it yourself, but we're not adding it to the game.
28-10-2004, 14:51
You should write it up as a proposal... I know, there are hundreds... what do our regional delegates actually do???? come on people, vote!!!
28-10-2004, 15:30
Please remember that UN proposals MAY NOT be about game mechanics changes.
United White Front
28-10-2004, 16:01
may i recomend locking this thread as its purpose has been fufilled