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Problem with frames

27-10-2004, 16:32
On the main game website, I have three frames on my screen when I login. The one at the top with NationStates written in it, the options bar on the left, and the main game screen. When I click on an option in the options bar, it goes to that page, but it fills up the entire screen. The 'NationStates' frame disappears, as does the Options frame. Why does this happen? Is there any way to fix this? Please help me...
United White Front
27-10-2004, 16:42
it may be your time is up for that session log back in
i get this after being in the forums for like 27 minutes or so
28-10-2004, 03:17
But it doesn't log me out. It's just that the options frame (with World, Forum, Region, FAQ) disappears.