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How Long?

27-10-2004, 15:03
How long does the bloody UN take to accept a civil rights haven into it's numbers? I've been waiting a day so far, and it really doesn't make much sense.
Neo England
27-10-2004, 16:21
It can take a while, just wait for a bit longer, if it still doesn't work, re-apply.
Crazy girl
27-10-2004, 18:14
if you're using hotmail, try looking in your other boxes where usually spam mail arrives, i've had that problem too..
27-10-2004, 22:24
First off, it has nothing to do with being a "civil rights haven."
Second, it usually takes a couple of days.
27-10-2004, 22:29
I got mine in 24 hours
Neo England
27-10-2004, 23:55
I got mine in 24 hours

I've seen the UN recent happenings that have people apply and 5 minutes later, they're admitted, though this was a while ago and only once or twice.

24 hours the estimated time to get the UN email through, but has been known to take much longer.

If it's not in a junk email section of your email account, just wait 3-4 days, if it still doesn't come, re-apply.

Sporkstralia - Not saying you have, but if you've been banned from the UN, then for obvious reasons, you won't get the email through.

it has nothing to do with being a "civil rights haven."

Correct, nation's political stances have nothing to do with how long it takes for a UN email to be received.