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UN reports repeating.

26-10-2004, 19:25
Is there any kind of way that some kind of system could be put in place where all the various UN reports (Largest Agricultural Sector, Gambling Sector, etc.) get cycled through? I'm tired of seeing the same UN report pop up twice in one week.
26-10-2004, 20:36
It's most likely always going to be random.
Neo England
26-10-2004, 23:54
What's the fun if it's pre-determined? ;)
HC Eredivisie
27-10-2004, 14:17
Slightly off topic, but is there a new one, i've never seen 'most rebellious youth' before.
27-10-2004, 16:20
Yeah, the boss added that one a fortnight or so ago.
Der Angst
27-10-2004, 16:46
With the number of UN reports growing, it might be a good idea to... well, keep it randomised, but preventing a report coming up before all others went through.

Keeps the surprise/ waiting effect without ending up being excessive.
United White Front
27-10-2004, 16:47
but you could te predict reports near the end
27-10-2004, 16:48
We've only added one. Though there are plans for another two later...

The current system is completely random I believe and it's not likely to change.
Der Angst
27-10-2004, 16:48
Well, yes, but I think that is acceptable, considering that the need to wait up to... What's the record? 10 months? for an UN report.

Edit: and I hate it when a thread moves this fast... Reply was for white boy.