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Regional Civil Headquarters

20-10-2004, 09:25
Is there a way to make the regional Headquarters Discussion page longer or a way to see past posts ?

It is a great tool for regional communication, but not many posts can be made and some nations miss out.

A reply here or a telegram to The Kingdom of Beld would be appreciated if there is a way this can be done.

Liverpool England
20-10-2004, 10:08
No, this can't be done.
United White Front
20-10-2004, 10:19
not exactly
you could go to like yahoo or google
serch your region and look at the cashed page

note:dose not work all of the time
20-10-2004, 22:11
I don't believe NS caches messages posted there. Once ten messages have been posted on top of one, out the window it goes.

However, if something like this could be easily implemented, it would be a bit of a help, especially in the very large regions where a message won't last any longer than a few hours.
22-10-2004, 08:32
That's why so many regions have implemented offsite forums Just put the URL in the World Factbook Entry.
22-10-2004, 17:11
This cannot be done if it was a chunk of the server would be taken up by old messages.