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Cannot login to forums

Left Wing Paradise
20-10-2004, 05:01
So, I was logged in as my alt - Al Anbar - and clicked on 'forum'. I got the message:

The NationStates Forums
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Please read this important message.
An attempt to create a forum account for your nation failed. This is probably because of a forum account in the name of your nation already exists. This is a bug, sorry -- we are working on a solution.

Al Anbar's Settings
Continue to the Forums

This is, of course, not correct since the only account here that is "Al Anbar" is mine and I have been posting with it since September. Any ideas?
20-10-2004, 07:47
Yes i know i had that.I dunno why it says that but i fixed it by joining the UN.Now me and my friend can post on the forums.Its wierd but as soon as we were in the UN it went through fine.
If it doesent work contact admin.
20-10-2004, 18:37
Jolt is having some problems right now, we're working with them on it.
Tiamat Taveril
20-10-2004, 18:43
If you click "Continue to the Forum" you can log in there.