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Were's the link - I have issues

18-10-2004, 19:08
Hi, I just set up my nation, and I received an issue... I selected one of the 3 choices by clicking on the accept button and that issue turned bold text..

near the bottom of the page read.
The Government Position

The government has indicated its intention to follow the recommendations of Option 2.

If you wish, you may simply dismiss this issue.

To follow one of the recommendations above, simply click on the link. The Thobinian government will bring in the new law overnight.

Simply click what link?? there is nothing there... am I missing somthing?
18-10-2004, 19:28
This is the position your government is preparing to adopt.

That means you've already clicked the link for that option.
18-10-2004, 20:02
Yes its for before you chose your action , its just there if you want to dissmiss your issue after chosing a option( Which is very wierd).
19-10-2004, 00:20
Its there so you can change your decision in case you change your mind or accidentally clicked the wrong one.
19-10-2004, 02:48
Once you first click on "Accept", and the chosen choice turns bold, all you have to do is make sure that's what you want, and wait for the next update. No need to worry. :D