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Important Question About Vacation Mode

17-10-2004, 03:02
So Im going into the Air Force and I have to go to be processed on the 18th and I leave on the 19th to lackland in Texas, and I was just wondering cause I put my nation on vacation mode and I know I wont get issues, but will my nation still grow in population? Cause I dont need the Issues, but I'd like it to get bigger while Im away. Boot Camp is 7 weeks, so I gotta hurry and log back in before it gets deleated after 60 days.

Thanx for Any Help! :D


Tuesday Heights
17-10-2004, 03:07
Until it dies of inactivity, yes, it will grow in population. After it dies, it won't, until you resurrect it.

Good luck at bootcamp!
United White Front
17-10-2004, 03:15
the mods are good about reserecting i had to go on deployment and when i got back they revived my nations

edit: have fun at boot, when i did navy boot it was over 8 weeks but the food was good and church on sunday helped, also you may get a chance to log in while at boot, my divison got to go to rookie hevan(a small nex and mwr facility ant rtc in great lakes) abot half way through
17-10-2004, 08:41
Alright! Thanx for the help guyz! Take Care and Ill see you guyz in like 2 months! :)