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Something strange

13-10-2004, 14:04
I went to log in to one of my nations, but upon opening up NS, I was shocked to see that I was already logged in, but not as any of my own nations. Apparently I was logged in as the nation, The Kingdom of Non sense in the region ParadisoDellaBega.
Now, I have never seen that nation or heard of it, nor have I seen or heard of that region in during my time here on NationStates.

Im guessing this is a bug or some kind of error, or if its not that, then someone has hacked my computer and is accessing thier nation or someone elses. I am the only one who uses NS on this computer, so that rules out any family or friends.

Im concerened about this, and am bringing it to your attention, because I dont want to be blamed for anything I didnt do. And if there is something going on, well I hope this is a heads up for people, or if its a bug, it can be fixed.
Gothic Kitty
13-10-2004, 14:13
Definitely looks like someone else is logging in from your computer. Are you playing on a secondhand computer maybe?
I would check again. Maybe someone else is logging in from your computer, while you are not around. Coincidents happen more often than you can immagine ;)

Do you speak Italian?
13-10-2004, 14:21
Nup I dont speak Italian.

Im quite sure nobody else has logged in to NS from this computer. And if they did, they still wouldnt be logged in. Because I have two user accounts on this computer. Iv noticed that when I dont log out of my nation, but I log off the computer leaving it idle, my nation is logged out when I come back on.

Is there anything the mods can do about this? Or can you suggest anything for me to do?
13-10-2004, 14:42
Our records don't show you as having ever been logged into that nation.
13-10-2004, 14:45
I told you it was strange.

It came up with me bieng logged into that nation. Im as puzzled as the next guy on this.
13-10-2004, 15:45
The only way it could have logged you in is if you had the nation's auto-login cookie on your computer. This would have caused your IP to be logged in that nation's file.
I will pass this on to admin.
13-10-2004, 16:02
i've had a similarly recent strainge though perhaps not THAT strainge of an experience. also appearently involving the autologon cookie. mine was that though my settings were to automaticly log me in, it didn't come up.

at first i attributed this to the likelyhood of a timing colision with someone doing maintainence on the board.

so i went to log in manualy, entered the name of my nation, tabbed to the password field, in which the proper series of asterisks appeared (yes i also had this set of one of my browser's remembers) and instead of this logging me in when i clicked the button for it to do so it took me to the log in failure page. then i tried a couple of my oft used passwords (i had indeed forgotten for certain which one i was using here, but like i said both my own machine was set to remeber it which appearently it did and also to auto login anyway) when this still didn't work i had a new password sent and that worked fine.

so i don't have the slightest idea whether these two incidents are in any way related, but it did seem wierd to me at the time.

i know that stay loged ins don't when a board is signifigantly modified or updated so i wasn't too shocked to find that i wasn't. but finding that i wasn't ABLE TO RE-login without the reissue of a new password was a triffle both worrisome and annoying.

13-10-2004, 16:19
I dont have auto-login for any of my nations, I log in manually to all of them.
Neo England
13-10-2004, 18:09
I'd suggest just wait for the Admins reply, I'm sure SalusaSecondus will post here soon explaining the situation.
Liverpool England
14-10-2004, 05:33
An AOHell issue, perhaps?
14-10-2004, 07:12
I'm actually rather confused by this. We've had scattered reports of similar things in the past, but never enough to pinpoint the issue. I'll keep working on it.
14-10-2004, 13:04
That makes two of us.
I dont use aol
14-10-2004, 13:30
That makes two of us.
I dont use aol

Has it happened since?
15-10-2004, 04:53
The Mindset
15-10-2004, 12:00
I know this is going to sound slightly patronising, but it's probably best we get the story as straight as possible so Salusa can track it down.

Is there any chance that you may have been looking at a "view nation" page? Sometimes I find myself wondering why my title has changed, when infact I'm viewing another nations page - not logged in as them - only viewing it. The pages are quite similar.

So, basically, I'm asking if the left hand menu also reflected the nation you were viewing. Did it feature their region, etc.?
15-10-2004, 12:29

Sounds like good 'ole NationStates. Always giving someone a headache.
15-10-2004, 15:06
The nation which I listed in the first post, was LOGGED in. I hadnt logged into any of my nations yet that night, I had just opened NS and that came up. I had log out of it. I checked the region it was in before I did, and I could even post a message in the regional HQ, but didnt.
Tuesday Heights
15-10-2004, 18:21
A similar experience, I think, has happened to me a few times. I have about 20 or so puppets I still use and sometimes when I'm logged into one, the side bar with all the links will show another one of my puppet's names instead of the one I'm actually logged into at the momey; usually, to rectify the situation, I'll just close Mozilla, restart, and re-login.
CornixPes II
15-10-2004, 18:31
I had the same problem roughly a month ago. As soon as I reset my auto-login it suddenly stopped. I put it down to the cookies, but I could never quite put my finger on how it got there.
16-10-2004, 14:21
It's possible this is a caching issue. Lots of ISPs use proxies that don't properly respect caching protocols -- they try to cache as much as they can get away with, rather than always requesting fresh pages from our server. When we first switched from having session IDs (PINs) in the URL of each page to using cookies, we got a ton of problems like this. You weren't actually logged on as somebody else's nation, but it looked exactly like you were, because the ISP (hello, AOL) would show you a page that another customer had accessed earlier instead.

Now we embed a random 5-digit number into URLs, for the sole purpose of tricking these stupid proxies into get new, fresh pages. But it's possible to happen to get assigned the same 5-digit number as somebody else, especially if you're with a large ISP, and especially if they cache pages for a long time.

You can verify that this is the problem by trying to post a regional message or send a telegram to another one of your nations, and seeing who it comes from. If it's your own nation, even though you're seeing someone else's home page, it's a caching problem.

Either way I'm interested to hear the results.
17-10-2004, 05:21
Another reason that AOL is totally fully scammers and try to get away with useing the least bandwith possible even though it is needed... don't they have enough money already? I guess it's becuase they have a monoply that they do this... just like fooking microsoft... goodluck... and if you get realy pissed off just phone up your ISP and Biotch at them... .not thay they'll do anything but still.... let them know ur pissed. by the way... I heard about an orginisation that is collecting those AOL cd's that u always get in the mail and are going to get a bunch (like truckloads) and dump them on AOL's Property.... sounds realy neat... looks like they got passed all the leagal stuff too... Good luck!
17-10-2004, 07:31
I go into Burger King where they have the whole box of aohell cd's, take the box, go outside, pour gas on it, light it up and drive away. Burger King doesn't care as long as I light it away from their building.
18-10-2004, 06:52
18-10-2004, 20:57
In other news, there are people that like... actually use AOL still? What are they thinking!? We all need to go on some massive crusade to end AOL.. Get people to switch to anything but that... And while we're at it, lets pull them to firefox as well.
19-10-2004, 04:56
Um, I think you guys think Im using AOL. LOL, im not, its not available in my country.
Anyways, if it happens again, Ill try what was suggested about posting, and let you know.
19-10-2004, 13:59
Um, I think you guys think Im using AOL. LOL, im not, its not available in my country.
Anyways, if it happens again, Ill try what was suggested about posting, and let you know.

Your ISP might be using a webcache proxy that you can bypass. If you're using Internet Exploder, just go Tools > Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Proxy Servers. If there's something in the http proxy box, (Port 8080, usually) you may be able to uncheck the Use Proxy Server box and still get online.
This is of course all at your own risk, and if you screw it up I'm in no way responsible ;)
The Mindset
19-10-2004, 15:32
In that case, best to write dow nany details that are already there, just in case. :P