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issues inquarry

Iraklia Astralis
13-10-2004, 13:08
As i was rulling my country with a strong hand and just making my citizents happy through the last several weeks i noticed some well...not logical things.
the remark touches the issues impact.
i don't know how the atributes of the nation are calculated (the civil rights, economy and political freedoms) but as i decided that each of my citizents has a bar code on his wherever that was to handle crime totaly. however the 'crime today is well under control'.
so is there like a bar-o-meter that goes to -100 with that issue and then other issues increase it to positive values making crime again a problem?
i mean if they have barcodes and they're monitored like ants and that extirminates crime totally how do other issues like that about autodrome for races increase crime?
i mean they're all handled crime should be abolished but somehow it still persists. i'd just like to draw attention that one issue shouldn't make another invalid.
United White Front
13-10-2004, 17:20
that wont make crime go away
i think you also need social programes like boys and girls club(rl)
i know there are issues that you can choise to lower crime that have nothing to do with police and military
Tuesday Heights
13-10-2004, 18:00
It seems like you're looking for issues to decrese your crime rate while maintaining a reasonable civil rights level. To do so, ignore the use of police and/or military, if possible, and wait for issues that deal with improving the community (like the one suggested by UWF). It may take some time, but, with enough patience, you can make your nation do whatever you want it to do.