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Why Oh Why Do I Still Have A Pace Flag

The electric monks
11-10-2004, 21:02
i have or possible had a PACE flag with wierd colours. I CANT GET RID OF IT, i want to have a new flag, i refreshed it like it says THE EVIL PEACE FLAG IS STILL THERE, i then changed it to a provided flag, and to the flag i wanted THE PEACE FLAG COMES BACK, the flag i want is not over 10kb it is about 9kb and it should work
Tuesday Heights
11-10-2004, 21:22
You need to refresh your page; it's a cache issue, that's all.
Unfree People
11-10-2004, 23:17
Clear your browser's cache, yeah, since refreshing isn't working.

It appears that you have a picture of a bomb going off... not very "pace" ;)