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Two Observations

Lemmingcus Meenicus
14-07-2004, 03:29
One. The speed is worse. Badly worse. Abyssamel. it sucks. Terribly.

I'm guessing you're working on it.

Second - The e-mail verification thing - is it a spam invitation? Since I wasn't given a "Terms" thing to read - I just tossed off a address to bypass it.
14-07-2004, 03:32
Just chill, the forums haven't even been up for 1 day yet.

Here's what the "Known Problems" page says:

"Forum is slow/unresponsive/up one minute and down the next:

As per the News page,there are a few teething problems. To fix them, we're messing around with the forums a bit. Things will settle down."
Humor Troll
14-07-2004, 14:31
Automagfreek - the concept of dry humor is lost on you I take it.

The part you are referring to was posted with the mildly sarcastic humor I (under my alter who is unable to log in to the forum now) use.


then following up with the

I'm guessing you're working on it.

is dry humor. did I need a smily for the post for the reading impaired? :)

But the second part of the post is indeed a concern. Are we opting in for spam?
The Resi Corporation
15-07-2004, 01:02
"Forum is slow/unresponsive/up one minute and down the next:"Is it just me, or didn't we just leave a forum like that?

Oh, and AMF, I'm obviously back. :P