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True concept of the game

13-07-2004, 19:32
You're not the leader of a nation here; you're more like the chief justice. I consider this a courts game because

* you have to wait for issues to come to you,
* you have to favor one view or dismiss the issue, and
* you have to wait for the case to come up again to overturn it.

Therefore, I think Max Barry should change various bits of his web site.
14-07-2004, 00:31
First, I do agree with you that issues only players really are acting like a court or perhaps monarch.

But the game can be more than that. You can focus on the issues, you can focus on international relations, you can even make your goal simply to grief other players (oh wait ... I am told that this is the real point of the game by invaders).

That is what I like about the game: it changes.
14-07-2004, 07:49
yes, the invaders are always right... now... give me some cookies and.... a soda... that is right, i need my cookies now!