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Telegram Limitations for Resolution Sponsors

19-06-2004, 21:56
As I and many others who have had a UN resolution up for vote will attest, you get a lot of spammy/flammy telegrams when voting occurs on your resolution. IMHO, there ought to be some way of limiting telegrams when you have a resolution up for vote. Possible solutions that I thought of include:

Extension of telegram inbox size for the duration of voting - wouldn't stop the telegrams, but would stop them from blocking other important t-grams
Option to stop all or limit to selected nations telegrams for the duration of voting
User-activated automatic Moderator review of all telegrams for the duration of the vote
19-06-2004, 22:37
Autoforward TMs to your e-mail inbox?
Tuesday Heights
20-06-2004, 03:23
Very good ideas!
The Black New World
20-06-2004, 16:27
Sorry wrong topic