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World Wars?

Great Postonia
19-06-2004, 07:13
i'm new here... but has there ever been any world wars?
Attitude 910
19-06-2004, 08:31
maybe in Role Playing
19-06-2004, 08:33
Well some people claim to have been in World Wars, but I think a Wold War should really involve a large portion of the world. Since none of these wars did, Id say they were just Great Wars. It would really be impossible to get a war that encompassed so many nations.
New People
19-06-2004, 10:42
According to USSR, there have been three World Wars.

The first one was between USSR and other communist regions against Germany and other nazi regions in the winter of 02-03; the second between the ADN and the Atlantic Alliance that ended with the AA's collapse; the third going on now between the Entente and the ADN.

I have a couple problems with that judgement, but I'll spend most of it on the second item. To my knowledge (it is 4:30 in the morning right now) there was no formal declaration of war between the ADN and the Atlantic Alliance; the two groups were only at practically a state of war that naturally exists between an aggressive group and a group run by antis. The conflict basically ended with a cease-fire negotiated in early Janurary (*not* March) of that year.

With the whole list in general I'd only be echoing the astute post made by Polok. The world is simply just too damn big to have anything worth calling a 'World War'. Wars exist all the time between crasher groups and their targets, or groups that are just plain aggressive and their targets, and the antis who consider themselves in perpetual war with damn near anyone that tries to send soldiers to another region, that isn't them of course. Case in point: the ADN invasion of Northern Ireland to remove an Irish delegate who was in reality taking the region back (it was under Irish control since its founding) from British invaders (their 'parent region', United Kingdom, was in fact a TAG region).

Anyways, the best you can come by are those 'great wars' Polok talked about, between two powers who have territory and regular populations who are with legitimate grievances preparing to destroy each other. Like the great Winter War with USSR in 2002-2003, or the new Entente war. It's a real shame there aren't many more wars like this.
Neo England
20-06-2004, 00:26
Yeah as far as the Invader/Defender wars go, I would also say they were Great Wars.

I do know though, in the roleplaying section, there has been many world wars, many which took place Q1/Q2 of 2003