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How do you attack and declare war

Jefe W
17-06-2004, 20:04
How do you attack or even declare war :?: Its very confusing :shock:
17-06-2004, 20:13
It's also all RPed in the International Incidents forum. And you posted this topic 3 Times. So will a Mod lock the other two?

To declare war you start a topic declaring was on whatever nation. But be sure to read the stickies on how to RP first.

Hope I was helpful

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17-06-2004, 21:08
Combat is not simulated by NationStates. Any "wars" are all make-believe.

iMove :arrow: "Technical".

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NationStates Game Moderator
18-06-2004, 15:28
<snip> iMove :arrow: "Technical". <snip> I wondered why this was in here. :lol:
Attitude 910
19-06-2004, 05:56
You could do legal invasions of regions