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Missing Forum Topic

15-06-2004, 21:13
I had a Topic posted in the Nation States Forum titled 'Haven Nations Invited to Lassic' I bumped it yesterday, and now it's gone? I had seen other players talk about missing threads and so I thought I'd post something here about it, with 2 questions:

1.) is this the correct forum for this problem?

b.) is there anything that can be done to find a vanished thread?

Maybe I bumped it a bit too hard yesterday?
15-06-2004, 23:29
If you can find it in your history, or if you saved a url, then you can post on the thread and it should return.

Otherwise I'm afraid its vanished into the depths of Forum 7
16-06-2004, 01:34
That's just too much work, I'll just make a new thread. Thanks ;)