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Proposal Quorum Permanence

Tuesday Heights
14-06-2004, 17:38
Once a proposal reaches quorum, will it stay that way permanently regardless of changes in Delegacy or will it still need to gain those it would lose during the update?
14-06-2004, 18:19
It looks like the way the game works means that once it reaches quorum it won't lose it, and certainly not once it's moved to the first page.

Hmmm... I'd better say:
<--- not an admin
Tuesday Heights
14-06-2004, 18:29
Hopefully... YAY! :D
1 Infinite Loop
15-06-2004, 05:38
Remember back when quorum requirements were upwards of 275 endorsements?

I had two almost make it but fell short by over a hundred more than that required today.
Tuesday Heights
15-06-2004, 05:41
That's crazy, Loop. This proposal lost its first time around by 2 votes, so, I'm more than pleased it's made it this time around. :D