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My nation changed government overnight. Help!

Islands and Cities
14-06-2004, 13:08
Without any prompting, my country changed from Democratic Socialists to a corrupt dictatorship. How the bloody #*@^ did that happen? If somebody could help me with this, I would be grateful. I have never selected a dictatorship option, to my knowledge. Is this a hacker, a bug, or something else?
World wide allies
14-06-2004, 13:12
When you chose an option for one of your Issues, it changed the status of your country to corrupt dictatorship.

When you chose an option on issues, it will change the way your country is, the way it runs and what its like.

Nothing to be worried about.

- wwa
15-06-2004, 04:02
Your government changing overnight is what this game is all about.
15-06-2004, 14:39
Ay...also, I remember seeing once a listing of the demographics of the different government types, and how you got each one, based on your economic, political, and civil rights standings. If anyone has that link, you can see on there what would have to change in your government for it to become a corrupt dictatorship, and potentially, for the future, not make decisions that would lead you down that path.
Islands and Cities
15-06-2004, 15:09
But I didn't Select any dictatorship options. I picked democratic options. the issue was child labor and I picked to abolish it. That was it.
Tuesday Heights
15-06-2004, 15:51
All issue choices have hidden options, combine that with the build-up of previous issue choices, and going from democratic to dictatorship could, and in your case, happens.