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Problems with loading the site

New Jokira
14-06-2004, 09:13
On multiple computers (when the internet is going just fine, no isp or connection trouble), I have had troube trying to use the site. Proxy errors have appeared and such, and it has taken ages to load pages, I have even had to refresh. I'll take an example from last night (Sunday 13th June) - I was posting in the animal protection act topic, and I had to visit later on because the site didn't load properly when I posted. I thought my posts hadn't posted (they had, but the point is, well, that the page either couldn't be displayed or 'loaded' and said it was 'done' with the sandtimer in the lower status bar, but only the page was blank and the loading bar had never appeared and filled up). It even takes ages to load sometimes. And, that is also why I say email me if you want to reply to me in a topic on the other forums. If you can, email me in reply to this one - otherwise, I could find problems loading the site again and may never get to this topic...

Thanks for any help regarding the loading the site problems.

PS: Logged in as wrong nation...oops. Anyway, doesn't matter. Still stands that there are problems loading the site.

PSS: is my email
Unfree People
14-06-2004, 18:13
Unfree People
14-06-2004, 18:14
Well, the site is slow because the server is overloaded and can't perform properly, or even very well. We're moving to another server, one that will hopefully withstand all the traffic it gets, in the near future. The problems will hopefully go away then.