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UN confirmation

13-06-2004, 13:40
I applied to join the UN yesterday, and today I've received an ingame telegram, saying that I have been sent a confirmational email, with things I need to do to validate my membership.

I've checked both my inbox and junk-filter for the email account I've provided, but I cant find the email.

Would it be possible to re-send the email?
13-06-2004, 13:44
It can sometimes be 24 hours between the sending of the telegram and the receipt of the e-mail.
13-06-2004, 15:38
alright, thank you.

I'll post again in 24hours to say whether I've received it or not
Unfree People
13-06-2004, 16:21
If you still don't get it, take off any spam filters you have running, or change your email address, and go to the UN page to re-apply.