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Issue regarding Issues

13-06-2004, 13:33
After logging in this morning, I discovered that the Govt. of Averoigne had apparently made a decision on an Issue ... without my input.

I base this observation on the fact that the description of Averoigne now states that it is "illegal to make racist remarks." That sounds like the result of selecting a govt. reaction to an "issue," at least to these ears. The problem is, the issue never appeared as a choice, nor did I make any decision regarding it.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation? I don't mind running Averoigne as a paternalistic monarchy, but I'm not enthusiastic about running it like a paternalistic Ottawa-style monarchy! :wink:
13-06-2004, 13:45
That's what you get when you prevent the Nazis from having their rally.
13-06-2004, 14:13
Thank you very much, Myrth!

I remember reading that some "extreme" over-reactions to issue support might occur -- but I didn't even relate this one to the Nazi rally. Duh.

I appreciate your clearing up this matter for me. I thought I had somehow goofed up on some technical level. Apparently, it was only on a judgemental one. Ah well, onwards and so forth. :)