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Listings and wondering ?

12-06-2004, 23:07
Hi ! I'm new on this game and I'd like to know : is there somewhere a listing of all the categories (UN Category, civil rights, economy, political freedom) and their meaning.
Sometime some onf them can be a little bit confusing
(like what a New York Times Democracy suppose to be ? lol)

Also, I have a few questions on the develloping of the game : are you expecting to make it more addictive by adding stuff like elaborated stats, possibility of economical alliances or blocus, and what I know ? olympics ? lol
just a few questions I have ;)
(I heard about nation state 2, but nothing seems to be moving since 2003, so ;) and I was asking myself if this game here would know updates)

±God save the Komodo±
Unfree People
12-06-2004, 23:53
For the categories, there's an interesting chart here:

NationStates2 is what you want... and it is coming, though we don't know when. It's not dead, certainly.
13-06-2004, 00:25
Tks very much for the link ! :)

Well, but i think NationStates2 won't be free, isn't it ?

±God save the Komodo±
Unfree People
13-06-2004, 00:28
No, it won't