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Region Rankings for the "Statistic of the Day"

Peacy and Unity
12-06-2004, 22:51
After the Jolt upgrade, are there plans to upgrade the World Page to display both national and regional rankings for the "statistic of the day"?

You can currently find ratings of your nation vs.:
----- other nations in your Region, and
----- other nations in the World

Example from today [6/12/04]:
The Highest Average Tax Rates
(for the nation of) Peacy and Unity vs.
----- Capitalist Paradise - 82/110, on Region Page
----- The World - 111,021/112,856, on World Page

It shouldn't be too hard to add:
The Highest Average Tax Rates
(for the region of) Capitalist Paradise vs.
----- The World - ?/13,888

There are 1,800 countries with lower taxes than mine. I'd like to know what regions are home to these nations without having to go through 1,800 nation entries. Are these nations scattered about, or is there a strong competitor to Capitalist Paradise?