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creating a region

11-06-2004, 20:46
i'm sure that this has been posted before...but i didn't feeling like crawling through the board...can someone tell me how...if possible to create my own region and get people to join?

thank you
Unfree People
11-06-2004, 22:26

As for the getting people to move there part, that's a bit harder. Make it a region people would be interested in... give it a theme, or name it after some real life place. Send out a few telegrams to new nations telling them about your new region and why you think they should relocate there. Make a post here. Invite your friends.

Just be careful not to spam - spamming is leaving recruiting messages on the regional boards of player-created regions - because that is annoying and against the rules.
New People
19-06-2004, 10:59
Sure. Whatever region you're in now (as I write this you live in the East Pacific) look at the top of the region's page and there'll be something that says:

Tired of life in the East Pacific? Then move to a new region!

That green part's a link that takes you to a page that lets you choose between moving to a region or creating a new one. The top one is the one you want, creating a new region. Incidentally, that takes you to a page that's the link Unfree People gave you (wonderful choice of name UP, btw ;)).

There you can choose the name of your region, a password, if the future UN delegate can access regional controls, and a factbook entry to start out. Because you'll be founder of the region -you did found it, after all- you can go back and change any of that stuff anytime you want, except the name of the region. That's an important part.

Regional controls is stuff like changing the world factbook entry, setting up a password, and ejecting other nations from the region. Some founders don't let their delegates have access to that in case the region gets invaded (but any smart invader wouldn't invade a region that has a founder, unless they have a good reason to).

As for getting people to come to your region Unfree People has some very good advice on that. If you are interested in reading more on this Blackbird (delegate of the Proletariat Coalition) taught a course on "Region Creation, Maintenance, and Activity" at the Gameplay Academy. Link (

I highly suggest you register and check it out; it's a very good read. Some other interesting courses there too. Definitely feel free to ask questions; that's how you learn.
Neo England
20-06-2004, 00:28
Getting a region to a large standard which is very active is incredibly difficult, as I found out with the 'Scroll Islands'

It takes alot of time, and if you get invaded whilst sending out your regions name, then it can also be very annoying (unless your the founder)