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Nascar over Formula 1
11-06-2004, 19:52
I have a virus on my computer that changes the homepage to some porn search. It doesn't have anything to do with Nation States, I just wanted to know if anyone has had a virus like this or knows what to do about it.
11-06-2004, 21:07
Well, for Spyware/Adware/etc. I recommend using
Spybot-S&D ( and Ad-Aware (

And if you don't already have anti-virus software installed: AntiVir (

All are free for personal use.

Liverpool England
12-06-2004, 01:30
This goes in General.
Attitude 910
12-06-2004, 05:29
Spybot works the best
12-06-2004, 07:03
Argh. " that " thing. If it is what I think it is, it stayed stuck till I wiped my drive and used a rescue disk. I was not happy, and, from memory, Ad-aware could not drag it off, let alone find it. I don't think spy-bot could get at it too. It changes your default page no matter what you do or try from memory. What worried me was my virus scanner and net security could not even find it. Nasty scary thing it was. I was lucky I had a flask thumb-nail drive to copy all my good stuff off.

I learned a very important lesson. Use Norton Anti-virus / Net Secure ( I think it got on when I turned it off for something ) while your computer is turned on in any way and has a physical connection to a line, and, keep your software up-dated. And be bloody careful

Other-wise, yeah, I think I may have gotten that. Had to frag my hard-drive to sweep it off. Bless USB flash drives, bless. Or I would have so lost my documents and MP3's.

Hmmm, this probably should go into general. I doubt Moderation could really impart much unless one of them specialises, and with general you'll probably get a better thread reader count.

- T.R. Kom.

<- Not A Mod, Just A Know It All.
12-06-2004, 07:36
Im a computer tech, so let me tell ya what youve got.

Its a simple Browser hijacker, one of thousands floating around.
Who knows where youve picked it up....

Spybot 1.3 is what you need, or if your a little bit more savvy, and know what your doing.....I recommend "hijackthis" ..its a neat little program that will show EVERYTHING that affects your startup page, or browser.


It will detect EVERYTHING, so it will offer you the chance to make a back-up copy, in case you delete something essential.

Also, chances are, if you have an anti-virus wil get rid of it for you as well..

If you dont have SHOULD.

This is a great one....and its free....

AVG 7.0
Nascar over Formula 1
12-06-2004, 17:05
Also, Norton Anti-Virus is the only program I have that detects what we think this thing is, although I also run spybot s&d.

It is called

I know exactly where it is by going through my computer. I can not delete it with Norton or by moving it to the recycle bin.

Please note that the computer runs Windows 98

I may consider "hijackthis" as it has been recomended before. Unfortunatly I have no idea what I'm doing. :?
12-06-2004, 22:11
One of my comps had a virus I couldnt get rid of at first, but when I scanned just the one file with norton I was able to quarintine it, though in the scan it would just get stuck when it hit that file
Peacy and Unity
12-06-2004, 23:46
The best solution to most of your browser problems is to avoid Microsoft's products (Internet Explorer browser) like the Ebola plague :evil:. Most malicious code is designed to exploit weaknesses in IE that don't exist in other browsers.

I've been using the FireFox browser, which completely blows the doors of N/S IE. :lol: It is FREE, so try it, and if you don't like it you can always dump it later. Here are some key links.


Firefox Browser


The only really annoying bug I've found: If you load a bad extension that user-profile will prevent the browser from loading :shock:. These tools will allow you to back-up your user profile, and create a new one if needed.

If more than one person uses the computer they can have their own profile for bookmarks, themes, extensions, etc. Also, you could create multiple profiles to streamline the browser for different tasks.

----- How to Create & Manage Profiles

Mozillazine Knowledge base has a great deal of help and other useful information.

------MozBackup - Saves Profiles


These are my picks for "Best Extension". There are many, many more.

Extensions MainPage(s):

EasyGestures - Pie Menus & other shortcuts

Flashblock - Restricts Flash Animations

Other Minor ISSUES:

#1: Must close and restart after installing each extension.

#2: ----- May not work cleanly with:
Windows Media Player 9, or
Adobe 6.0
----- Works fine with:
Adobe 5.1,
Other media players (i.e. BSplayer)