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Issues and Game Play Proposals

Whited Fields
09-06-2004, 05:17
I have a couple of technical issues, as well as a proposal for the site.

1. Aside from the time out errors I have experienced lately, I also found it impossible to search for another member of the UN by country name. When I entered the name 'Colonel Smith' as instructed to do so by one of the help pages I visited, and hit enter, I was taken to my own country page. I am not Colonel Smith, so it stands to reason there is/was something wrong with the coding.

2. I have found it difficult to traverse the proposals needing endorsements, due to the high number of proposals that have similar ends. Is there anyway these proposals can be catagorized, and allow people reviewing new proposals to review them by catagory? Secondly to this issue, are proposals of similar ends being rejected, and telegrams sent to the proposing nations to encourage them to cooperately enter a new proposal?

Since the second issue is a technical issue, I did not want to offend staff by offering this as a UN proposal. But there is one currently that seeks to appoint a committees chairperson, who would then seek to sit countries into these tasks by committee. They could, if allowed, be the ones to handle such technical issues after the staff has reviewd resolutions and proposals and decided them worthy of remaining.

3. I have found it helpful for messageboards who have a technical issues forum to use only one topic for proposals and a second topic for bug reporting. I would like to suggest that this board do the same, as it would prevent numerous topics on similar subjects from being posted and allow staff to check only one place for all the bug reports, ect. The first and foremost post in each would be an updated list of things that have already been reported, and issues are/were being addressed (or proposals), then user posts would then be deleted. This would greatly reduce the amount of space dedicated to such issues.